Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Music Wake-Up Call for 11/23/05

Not So Original

The following 20 pairs of artists/bands each had a song with the same title (no covers). Name the song title they share.

1. Art Garfunkel and Beach Boys
2. Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello
3. Kinks and Beatles
4. Fleetwood Mac and The Cranberries
5. Radiohead and TLC
6. Johnny Mathis and Blondie
7. Laura Brannigan and Them
8. Frankie Avalon and Shocking Blue
9. Grand Funk Railroad and Led Zeppelin
10. Simple Plan and Patsy Cline
11. Badfinger and Wilson Phillips
12. Huey Lewis and the News and Celene Dion
13. Modern Talking and Hot Chocolate
14. Beatles and Jody Watley
15. Peter Cetara and BB King
16. Bobby Brown and Elvis Presley
17. Mariah Carey and David Crosby
18. Housemartins and Naked Eyes
19. U2 and Michael Jackson
20. Dave Clark Five and Lionel Ritchie

Good luck, and have fun!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


TV Wake-Up Call for 11/22/05


1. What was the first network TV mini-series?
2. On what TV program did Marilyn Monroe make her first talk show appearance?
3. On what TV drama did the first lesbian kiss occur?
4. In what year was the first sports event televised?
5. Who were the two teams playing?
6. Who announced the game?
7. What was the first prime time program to have an abortion storyline?
8. What was the first soap opera to have an abortion storyline?
9. In what year was the first telethon?
10. Who hosted it?
11. In what city did the first “Morning Wake-up Program” debut?
12. Who was the host?
13. Which Super Bowl was the first to be nationally televised?
14. Who was the first female news anchor on network TV?
15. What was the first network sitcom to say the word “condom” on air?
16. What company was advertised in the first commercial?
17. What was the first TV theme song to reach #1 on the pop charts?
18. What was the name of the band/artist who recorded that theme song?
19. Who was the first African-American news anchor on network TV?
20. In what year was the Miss America Beauty Pageant first nationally televised?

Good luck, and have fun!


Pop Culture Potpourri Wake-Up Call for 11/14/05

Speaking Roles

The following are 20 countries. For each country, tell me the official language in that country.

1. Kuwait
2. Zimbabwe
3. Morocco
4. Honduras
5. Angola
6. Sierra Leone
7. Fiji
8. Costa Rica
9. Jordan
10. Latvia
11. Ethiopia
12. Belize
13. Kenya
14. Lebanon
15. Niger
16. Ghana
17. Somalia
18. Lithuania
19. Guinea
20. Senegal

Good luck, and have fun!


Music Wake-Up Call for 11/2/05

Stitch In Time II

The following are 19 popular songs that were all released in the same year. For each song, tell me which artist/band performed the song in question. At the end, for Question #20, say what year all the songs were recorded in.

1. Poor Little Fool
2. Since I Don't Have You
3. To Know Him Is To Love Him
4. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
5. It's Only Make Believe
6. Sea Cruise
7. Do You Want To Dance
8. Tequila
9. High School Confidential
10. Hard Headed Woman
11. For Your Precious Love
12. Yakety Yak
13. What Am I Living For
14. It's So Easy
15. Chantilly Lace
16. Summertime Blues
17. Willie And The Hand Jive
18. Queen Of The Hop
19. Carol
20. What year?

Good luck, and have fun!


TV Wake-Up Call for 10/25/05

The Missing Link

The following are groups of TV siblings. Each group is missing ONE of their siblings. Fill in the missing sibling.

1. Bridget, Kerry and ____
2. David Jacob, Becky and _____
3. Kevin, Heather and ______
4. Jeff, Trisha and ____
5. Grace, Kyle and ____
6. Elizabeth, Patrick and ____
7. George, Lindsay, Byron and _____
8. Robin, Casey and ______
9. Bradley, Randall and _____
10. Margaret, Grace and ____
11. Michael, Ally and _____
12. Donna Jo, Michelle and _______
13. Terry, Linda and ___
14. Cory, Morgan and _____
15. Alex, Andrew, Jennifer and _______
16. Jordan, Bryana and ____
17. Michael, Thelma and _____
18. Anthony, Joey and _____
19. Karen, Kevin and ______
20. Mike, Ben, Chrissy and ______

Good luck, and have fun!

Monday, November 21, 2005


Pop Culture Potpourri Wake-Up Call for 11/21/05

Slogans! Get your slogans!

The following are 20 notable advertising slogans. Name the company who belongs to each slogan.

1. Smart. Very Smart.
2. Unwrap a smile
3. Does she or doesn't she?
4. Something special in the air
5. The Choice of a New Generation
6. When you care enough to send the very best
7. A Diamond is Forever
8. We answer to a higher authority
9. We'll leave a light on for you
10. That frosty mug sensation
11. Betcha can't eat just one.
12. For people who share a taste for excitement.
13. See America at see level.
14. Food, Folks and Fun
15. Once you POP, you can't STOP!
16. Grapes, like children, need love and affection
17. The Un-Cola
18. Nothing comes closer to home.
19. Reach out and touch someone
20. Because life is not a spectator sport

Good luck, and have fun!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Movie Wake-Up Call for 11/18/05

Memoirs of a Non-Geisha

Sometimes, films use real people's memoirs to make a movie. The following are 20 people whose memoirs were turned into films. For each person, name the film that they made based on that person's memoirs.

1. Phoolan Devi
2. Kathyrn Forbes
3. Frank Harris
4. Gerry Conlon
5. Mikal Gilmore
6. Celeste Albaret
7. John Bayley
8. Susanna Kaysen
9. Elizabeth Kenny
10. Frank McCourt
11. Xaciera Hollander
12. Anais Nin
13. Tobias Wolff
14. Jim Carroll
15. Elinor Randall Stewart
16. Christina Crawford
17. John Phillip Sousa
18. Barbara Skelton
19. Wlandyslaw Szpilman
20. Cynthia Payne

Good luck, and have fun!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Comic Book Wake-Up Call for 11/17/05

Masters of Evil

During the Under Siege storyline in the Avengers, Baron Zemo collected about 14 villains to attack the Avengers. That was the largest collection of Masters of Evil to that point in time. In fact, the first THREE Masters of Evil teams only had a TOTAL of 20 members (counting members who served more than once twice).

Give me the roll call of the first THREE Masters of Evil, circa Avengers #6, Avengers #54 and Avengers #222 (and note that I do not count Dane Whitman in the second group, as he was undercover. Same with Jarvis, as he was hypnotized).


Good luck, and have fun!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Music Wake-Up Call for 11/16/05

90s Were Not A Waste

The following are notable rock songs from the 90s. Give the name of the band who performed each song.

1. Cut Your Hair
2. She Don't Use Jelly
3. Killing In The Name
4. Big Empty
5. Aenema
6. Steel Rain
7. Stash
8. Hey Man, Nice Shot
9. Kool Thing
10. Floods
11. Say Hello To Heaven
12. Cherub Rock
13. Spiders
14. Jesus Christ Pose
15. Self Esteem
16. Under A Glass Moon
17. Blue On Black
18. Black
19. Hunger Strike
20. Nutshell

Good luck, and have fun!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


TV Wake-Up Call for 11/15/05

All The News That Fits, We Print

The following 20 news anchors work[ed] for one of the three big networks. For each newsperson, tell me what channel they do/did the news for.

1. Roger Mudd
2. John Charles Daly
3. Elizabeth Vargas
4. Max Robinson
5. Bob Schieffer
6. Frank McGee
7. Connie Chung
8. Howard K. Smith
9. Chet Huntley
10. Barbara Walters
11. John Cameron Swayze
12. Sam Donaldson
13. Harry Reasoner
14. Jane Pauley
15. Frank Reynolds
16. John Chancellor
17. Charles Gibson
18. Douglas Edwards
19. Diane Sawyer
20. David Brinkley

Good luck, and have fun!

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